Even the babies understand - a tribute to the king

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A funny and very poignant moment took place in the Torres home last night. Angel was playing with my cell phone - something that has been a daily ocurrence for longer than I can remember. I was in the kitchen doing something or other. My husband calls out "What are you doing?" Followed by, "Um, babe I think he did something to your phone." Silently grateful that I'd FINALLY taken Verizon up on the insurance offer, I walked into the family room to survey the damage. Then I hear "Don't stop 'till you get enough". I don't know how he did it (or what it cost me), but Little A had purchased and downloaded some sort of Michael Jackson anthology on my phone...and was furiously, gorgeously and poignantly dancing in joy in the middle of the room.

We'll never stop, Michael...even my babies can understand that (and have assured that I'll take a part of you with me everywhere I go...literally)

Working the day shift

I swear my boys have a schedule. Whenever I am at home alone with both of them, it takes a near miracle to get them to nap simultaneously. It's like they have an agreement "We can't let her get any sleep during the day! If we do that, before you know it she'll expect to sleep like 4 or 5 hours at night. Then she'll be ruined!" So, like clockwork Angel goes down for his nap at 12:45ish. I go back downstairs with Victor, who acts ADORABLE for the next hour or so. Around 2:15 he gets drowsy (giggle, yawn. gurgle, sigh. laugh out loud, droopy eyes...) By 2:45, he's out. Within 12 minutes WITHOUT FAIL, Angel wakes up....often screaming.

Silly mommy...

So, I take Angel upstairs for his nap. He has a relatively new habit of keeping a brood of toys and random accessories in his bed. We cannot take a nap or go to bed at night until he has taken inventory. It seems to grow on a daily basis - soon, there'll be no room for HIM to actually fit in the bed.

Where was I? Yes...naptime today. Did I mention I'm at home with the boys all week? Daycare is closed (they only take one week off per year. Am I a bad mother for feeling like this is the LONGEST WEEK OF MY ENTIRE LIFE?). What was I saying? Oh yes - naptime. I take Angel upstairs. He brings Molly with him (his new obsession is Thomas the Tank Engine. He wanted to buy Rosie, but Rosie's pink and Daddy wasn't having it...so he now calls Molly "yellow Rosie"). We take Molly upstairs to join the naptime crew. After arranging her and all his other stuff just so, he finally agrees to lay down. I say "Have a nice nap" and attempt to walk out the door with Victor. Angel then says "Mommy, where are Thomas and Percy?" Too tired to fathom walking down then back upstairs, I tell him, "Thomas and Percy are napping downstairs baby." He begins to wind up for a mega tantrum - I stop him mid whine. Run downstairs (18 pound 5 month old in tow...what the hell does this kid eat anyway?), return with the blue and green steamies. I lay them on the bed next to Rosie, I mean Molly. Angel looks at me and says "No, Mommy - not like that. Like this!" He then connects them all by their little magnetic ends in a neat row, says "Good night, mommy" and drifts off to sleep.

Silly mommy....


Another hilarious morning in the Torres house:

5 am EST: Angel sits straight up in the bed, eyes still closed (yes, we still watch him on the stupid video monitor) and says "Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!" then falls back on the pillow....

5:47am EST: Eyes still closed, head on the pillow, Angel yells out at the top of his lungs "FISHSTIIIIIIICks! I want FISHSTIIIIICKS!! WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! I need FISHSTIIIIIIIIIIICKS!"After 10 minutes of this, he sighs and goes back to sleep. Mind you, he kept his eyes closed the entire time.

I wonder what he'll do later today...

Fun with 2 year olds

So, Angel has done some pretty hilarious things over the past few weeks. I simply MUST share:

- Last weekend, my 2 year old put HIMSELF in time out. I asked him to do something or other, and as he is wont to do every hour or so, he decided that he hated the idea and threw himself on the floor. For the first time ever, he had an actual kicking and screaming fit. Were it not happening in the middle of my kitchen, I would have found it hilarious! After about 2 minutes of this, I asked him if he was done. Angel replied, "Um, no mommy. I go time out" He then walked straight into the living room and sat himself in the time out chair! After a few minutes of arguing with himself (literally, he said - Angel, you done? No....waaaaaah!!!) He then walked back into the kitchen and said "OK, mommy. All done"

I guess this time out thing might work after all...at least he seems to understand that he uses the time out chair to pull it back together.

MIA mama

Sorry I've been MIA for over a week! I finally caught my son's cold, and it's beginning to take it's toll. Amazing how the body shuts down when deprived of sleep for....months