Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with the responsibility of guiding two little lives onto the right path. Overwhelmed with the responsibility of providing for said little ones, and ensuring that they are safe, healthy and most of all loved. Overwhelmed with the sense of loss once I realized that my marriage will never be the same now that we have said children - not that things are bad, we will just never be the couple that we once were because those people no longer exist. Again - this is not a bad thing, but I am still mourning a loss of sorts. Overwhelmed with the responsibilities of a career that is no longer my everything, but still means so much to an industry and economic time when more eyes are on me than ever before.

I have felt overwhelmed for so long because I have tried to do it ALL, and to do it all on my own. First, I must remember that my success in the past was never my own doing. Of course, I played a role (I put in hard work), but God is in control. When I feel overwhelmed, I have to remind myself that all I have to do is ask for help and guidance and one way or another, it always comes. I must also remember that I cannot do it ALL EVERY day. Multitasking is an exhausting myth. I will pick my battles, pick my priorities and realize that as long as I accomplish SOMETHING every day, I have already won. It's more important to me to do something well than to do a half ass job at 500 things...

So, it's time to stop curling up into a ball and lamenting about my overwhelming life and get back to basics. I must simplify and prioritize.

What is important in my life?

1) Putting God first and at the center
2) Feeling strong - I am at my best when I eat well and run. Mama needs time to stay BadAss...
3) Maintaining a strong, loving relationship with my husband (we are the center and foundation of our family. Without a strong foundation, this house will fall...)
4) Having a strong, loving family with happy, healthy and well rounded kids
5) Having a career - professional success fulfills a personal need and provides for my family
6) Spending time with my family and friends. This may not be as often as I like, or in person as much as it used to be, but my circle gives me strength. I love them and need them in my life

These are the things that are important to me. Life is not complicated. It's simple really. Hold true to what's REAL. Let go of what's not. Keep it simple and always believe in yourself. Trust in the Lord and remember you're never alone.

When I become overwhelmed, I'll come back to this list and remember....