An old friend...or two

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So, the Hubs and I have officially been out on more dates in the first 2 weeks of 2010 than we have in the past 2 years. Seriously. Slightly depressing when I initially did the math, but looking on the bright side I'm going to assume that this means we've broken through the 2-under-the-age-of-3 induced haze and are making a commitment to re-discover our secret identities of Angel and Sherice in addition to our day jobs as Daddy and Mommy.

We even went to BJs together without the kids today. We lingered....walking down each aisle JUST to make sure that there wasn't anything we missed from the list. Yeah, I know this isn't the stuff of romance novels, but I was really happy to just spend time with my husband again. It felt like "us". I never thought that it would be so very easy to lose "us" when we became "US"; when the family grew to more than just two.

I've even begun to see glimpses of the old me in the past few weeks. I cut my hair...never realized how much the long hair actually aged me. It was "mommy hair." I wore my hair short for years - felt it was more professional, stylish, sassy. When I got pregnant with Angel, I took the prenatal vitamin-induced longer hair as a blessing. When Victor came along 2 years later, I cut it into a snazzy little asymmetrical bob, but still kept it at a respectable almost-shoulder length. Two weeks ago, cut it all. I love it! I look in the mirror and feel like the me before kids. True, I need to wear concealer just to make sure that no one accuses my husband of breaking my nose on a daily basis (on account of the massively black and blue circles that have taken residence under my big browns), but I'm beginning to see a face that I remember. Felt like an old friend that I hadn't seen in a very long time.

I have even worn heels 3 days this week. ON VACATION. And not just on our last date. I wore my BadAss new platform boots at Victor's birthday party because they make me feel good. They're party shoes, and my baby had a great first birthday party! I even busted out my 4 inch wedges for church and the aforementioned BJs run. I'm not wearing them to impress anyone - just because they make me feel good. I stand straighter, feel bolder. Feel like me.

Look out, world. The BadAssMama is catching her groove again. Who knows what's coming next!
tfab said...

Welcome back, baby!!!! Heels, or not, you actually never really left us.

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