Having it all?

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I haven't written a blog post in over a month. Oh, how I've missed the opportunity to capture my thoughts on the screen. Semi-filtered. Always real.

I'm now beginning to wonder how much is TOO much. My plate is full. VERY full. But, as I mentioned last time, it's full of things that I enjoy. Right now, in addition to my regular life of work, babies, husband (lather, rinse, repeat) I'm training for a marathon and running a jewelry business. I'm enjoying both. Immensely, actually. I enjoy my long training runs. For 2+ hours, I can't take care of anyone else. I listen to music. I talk to myself. I sing to myself. It's AWESOME.

It's just that EVERYTHING takes time. I wonder...how much is too much? Should I cut some of these things out of my life so that I have more time to just sit still and be, or should I continue to do them because I enjoy them and they make me who I am?

So...I think I'll keep trying to do it all AND make sure to sometimes just sit and do nothing...let's see how that works : )
Lourdes said...

Do it girl. As long as you have health, strenghth and most importantly energy.
At least when you reach your golden years , not only will you have had a life full of great experiences but you'll never have to say
"I should have... I would have loved to..."
I enjoy your blog. Thanks.

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