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What was I thinking?

That was the only thought flashing through my mind for the majority of this week. You see, this is the week that will go down in history as the week that Torres Law took down Murphy's Law. In other words, the week when all hell broke loose.

We are getting ready to embark on an EPIC family journey tomorrow. Epic in that it involves:

1) International travel with 2 kids under the age of 4
2) International travel with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law
3) Two 9-hour flights
4) 5 cities in 2 weeks
5) 14 days of unadulterated, uninterrupted family time

Despite my initial misgivings, I was becoming downright giddy about this trip. I have never had the pleasure of devoting 14 entire days to spending time with my family. Away from the temptation to just check one more email, or to just fold or straighten up just one more thing before I play/dance/laugh/fill-in-the-blanks.

In the past few weeks, I realized that the HORROR I initially felt at allowing my sister-in-law (well, let's be real - allowing anyone but little-old-control-freak-me) to plan our entire trip was completely misdirected (well, considering the business-class seat for my baby, maybe it wasn't a TOTAL misdirection - but I digress). I was actually taking a 14 day vacation without lifting a finger to read a travel guide, contact a travel agent, review hotel listings, activity planning. NADA. All I had to do was show up with kids and husband in tow and prepare to make with the merriment.

And then all hell broke loose.

On Monday, I felt a tickle in my throat that became an all out wildfire accompanied by chest tightening and wheezing by Tuesday night. I stayed home from work Wednesday (even though it was my last week in the office before a 3 week absence - yes, I was THAT sick), only to have my 3 year old sent home from daycare by 4pm with a fever. On Thursday, my husband stayed home from work to help me since Angel still had a fever and I was down for the count. I ran out to run a few errands (yes, I was sick but I'm still a mom!). I called home just to check in- my husband cracked his wisdom tooth on a cookie (really?) and we had to rush him to the oral surgeon to have it removed. By Friday morning, I was feeling a bit of relief from the cold and Angel's fever had passed. We dropped both boys to daycare and attempted to pack for our trip. By 1pm, I took a break to grab some lunch (since we were going on a long trip, I made it my life's mission to have absolutely zero perishable food in the house). I had barely pulled the keys out of the ignition when the daycare called. Victor just vomited. Everything. Everywhere. Off to the pediatrician. On Saturday, he vomited in the back of my car on the way to the mall for pre-vacation haircuts.

Today is Sunday. The night before our trip. It's 10:05. The house is quiet. Nothing apocalyptic has happened today. I'm hoping that it's a sign that we are free and clear to get on the plane tomorrow afternoon.

It's funny. I was so anxious for so long about this trip for so many reasons (it's too expensive, the boys are too young, how will they nap/eat/run/play, what if someone gets sick?). Once I actually got excited about it, Torres Law kicks in.

A weaker soul may have buckled under the pressure.

But not the BadAssMama.

I take it as a sign. A sign that the universe has an immense blessing waiting for me and my family in Germany. All of these random calamities happened while we were still at home - well in reach of our comfortable doctors, surgeons, pharmacies and humidifiers. While I saw my children in discomfort, I was also able to see that they were still laughing and playing. While there may be boogers (LOTS of boogers), it's just a cold. They will be fine. We will be fine. I will be fine.

Once again, I believe that my family will experience a wonderfully transformative experience in Germany. We will come back changed for the better. 14 days - family time.

I've updated my iPad subscription to include international access - mainly to allow my son to obsessively watch Thomas the Tank Engine videos on You Tube, but also to allow me to chronicle this epic journey both for my family to enjoy and for you to share.

The BadAssMama is ready for a blessing. Keep us in your prayers, and I'll write again tomorrow.

Just another day in the life of a BadAssMama...
RT said...

You are all in my prayers! I miss you!

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