Turning point?

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Today, Torres Law turned the corner from 7 days of bad stuff to the first day (of what I hope are MANY days) of good stuff. We stayed in PJs until 9am (a miracle given that the day breaks around here at 5:30 most mornings), had breakfast and crashed toy trains on the track until around 10. Then, it was off to run a few errands. Remember - the plan was to be out of the country for 14 days, so we had absolutely NO FOOD in the house, so clearly a BJs run was in order. We also had to head off to JFK to give Delta our doctor's note about Angel's ear infection so we could exchange our tickets without the $400 per ticket penalty.

First stop of the day, JFK. I knew things were looking up when Victor actually fell asleep in the car. He hasn't napped in 3 days, so it was a welcome relief for ALL of us. He's a cute kid, but a cranky bastard when he doesn't get his sleep! There were only 2 people working behind the counter at the Delta desk, and one was on what looked to be a very involved phone call involving a land line, a cell phone and 7 or 8 people with enough luggage to last for a trip around the world. After about 20 minutes, it was my turn. The agent asked if I was a passenger on the noon flight to LA. I wasn't. But, 6 other people were. She asked if I would mind waiting. I honestly had no place to be, so for what was probably one of the first times in my life I did NOT pitch a fit about losing my place in line. She thanked me and told me that her name was Flo, and she would help me as soon as she got these folks on their flight.

I called Angel to let him know I would be a minute (he was circling JFK with the boys since Victor was still asleep). Little A needed a bathroom break, so I brought him inside with me. After hitting the potty, we stopped at Starbucks for a chocolate chip muffin and some water. We hopped through baggage claim on one foot then ran back upstairs to the ticket agents. After a few minutes, Flo was ready for us and thanked me for my patience (again, something that rarely happens - my patience, I mean, not a thank you from a Delta ticket agent!)

I explained the saga of the past few days and presented the ER doctor's note. Flo apologized that no one on the Delta customer service line (I explained that I'd called no less than 5 times yesterday) had offered to comp my flight change to Germany based upon the unforeseen medical emergency with my child. She then asked me if my family would be open to go to Germany later in the week IF she could get the fees waved. I called Angel. We both paused....and politely refused her offer. This was truly a test. She was offering us a beautiful opportunity, but we felt like at this point we should keep our little family getaway in the continental US or risk calamity #8. The boys were still not 100%, and we just didn't want to run the risk.

Flo said that she understood, and apologized for the inconvenience. I explained that it really was no issue at all - all of the customer service representatives that I dealt with yesterday were polite and helpful. She told me that as a 22-year Delta employee, she felt they did not go far enough to help in our situation.

So she did.

Not only did she put us on our preferred flight (in first class) to Orlando on Saturday, she put the remaining several thousand dollars credit from our Germany tickets as a refund back to my American Express. These were non-refundable tickets. I looked her square in the eye, thanked her with all of my heart, and went skipping out of JFK on one foot with my little boy.

Her kindness allowed us to cover the full cost of our mega-fancy-all-inclusive-last-minute Disney excursion. All paid for with the money we'd already spend 3 months ago on plane tickets to Germany.

After that, the day just seemed to be a little bit brighter - in spite of the 60 degree weather and rain storms. The boys were cute and funny at BJs. We got a cart with the cool double-steering-wheel-car-thingy on the front, and they spent a full 30 minutes playing nicely before they began to beat the living crap out of each other (while laughing hysterically, I might add). They were sweet and relatively cooperative at lunch, and afterward both took naps. 2 hours late, mind you, but still...full naps.

That was day 2 of our almost-vacation. Both boys are still coughing and a bit snotty, but seem a little better than yesterday. Let's hope that they get a little better tomorrow. Can't think about making it onto a plane on Saturday just yet. My job was to set the plans in place...we'll worry about getting there later. I just want to make it through tonight.

At the end of the day, I repacked our luggage - making the necessary adjustments for a 9 day trip to Florida vs. 14 days in Germany. I made the final arrangements with the folks at Disney and stocked the house with groceries so that we wouldn't go hungry while we were here, or have to run around like lunatics once we get back.

Now that all the busy work of preparing for the back-up vacation is over, I'm really looking forward to BEGINNING my vacation with my family tomorrow. We don't have to be out of town to enjoy this time together. The kids are out of school. The parents are off from work. We may not be in a hotel, but we can relax and enjoy ourselves as a family.

So, I lost 2 days scrambling and planning. Tomorrow, I intend to enjoy life...

whatever it might bring.
Working Momma said...

do the character lunch with winnie the pooh in the magic kingdom. good value, the characters come over to everyone and the food (buffet) is really good. book it as soon as you check in (or do it before you go). we took david last year and he loved it!

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