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by D'angelo Thompson

Happy New Year!!!
This past holiday season i had the pleasure of traveling to France: Poitier, La Rochelle/Ilse de Re and Paris. I consider myself a keen observer and my subject was the women of France. I would say French women celebrate their natural beauty especially how they age.
I began to compare American and French women which one should never do their completely different cultures but i must say I LOVE how American women take care of their skin, bodies and pure drive to look and be their very best. So if i could present an award to every "BAD ASS MAMA" out there in the midst of your crazy schedules you ROCK.

BEAUTY TIP: Treat yourself to a CHAMPAGNE facial...
step one: splash face with cold water
step two:pour warm champagne in a bowl and splash or blot on to face , let sit for a few minutes and rinse off (the enzymes from the champagne sloughs off dead skin and brightens the face)

step three:use a light hydrating moisturizer (try "hope in a jar" by philosophy)

Last but not least i hope you had a bottle chilling in the fridge-take a few sips..."its the nectar of the gods"

D'angelo Thompson
Esthesia Productions. Inc., Owner
BE DYNAMIC in 2011 !!!
Beleza said... some yummy fashion tips for February!

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