Magic Mirror

The love of a good man is a marvel.
But the love of good women can save you.
This weekend, I am quite certain that six truly phenomenal women certainly saved my life.

Let me explain.

Once upon a time, when The BadAssMama was not quite BadAss and nowhere close to being a Mama, I met a group of women who would change my world in ways unimaginable and unfathomable at the time. It began innocently, almost silly really. Lan decided that the rigors of business school and our increasingly grown-up-resembling-lives were eating away at our collective souls (or something like that), and decided that the cure was pretty shoes, prom dresses, good wine and chocolate cake. So began our quarterly tradition of The Girly Girl Prom.

As our two years at Stanford came and went (way too quickly, if you ask me), we gained confidence and lost inhibitions; gained soul mates in the process of losing unworthy husbands and lovers; gained wisdom and lost some of our childish ways. Through thick and thin, we had each other. Through tears and triumph, heart break and earth shattering victory, The Girly Girls were there for each other.

As the years go by, we've kept in touch. Each reunion brings the joy of reconciliation, but also the tug of sorrow as the days are filled with mixers and functions and the attempt to re-connect with well over 200 classmates. All close, but none quite like our sisterhood.

Fast forward to February 2011. Over 10 years since graduation and a year shy of our last hurried connection at reunion, an unexpected email arrives from the loving husband of one of my loves. A reunion is needed. Life has intervened and only the love of The Girly Girls will do.

Arrangements were made, plans settled. Desks cleared and back up childcare put into place as seven women boarded seven planes from 6 different corners of the country. One by one, we arrived with breathless anticipation. Tears and margaritas flowing within the first hour. Laughter throughout. And for each and every one of us, something that we feared lost forever was once again re-claimed.

Over the course of that long weekend in Vegas, each of us began to find ourselves.

The love of your true girlfriends can best be compared to a magic mirror. In the light of their eyes, you can see your true self - your best self. There is no pretense, no judgment. No need to impress or amuse. Your girlfriends bring out the best in you and remind you that you are fabulous.

Just the way you are.

I dedicate this post, and my love, to The Girly Girls: Thao, Rebecca, Eileen, Susan, Terra, Lan. I love you. With all of my heart. Thank you for being my true friends.

tfab said...

As if I hadn't already shed enough tears this weekend....

Anonymous said...

Dearest Sherice,
My heart was already full upon leaving Vegas. Now I feel as if it is about to burst with love and goodwill. Thank you, my sweet.
- Eileen -

Anonymous said...

There was a moment when I scanned the faces of all our Girls, and I saw the core of what works so well among us. Each one of you is, in a different way and a way entirely your own, a model for something I want to be, someone I want to be. You are, collectively, my aspirational self. We are that for each other.
- Lalala Lan

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