Mama needs a drink

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I used to think that the Terrible Two's were a beast. I would tell myself night after night, if I can JUST make it through the next 18 months, everything will be fine.

Well, let me tell you. I've been through the Terrible Two's, and they've got NOTHING on a crazy four-year-old. And if that weren't enough, I now have a crazy four-year-old combined with the Terrible Two's - the remix.

I really thought that it was just a phase. Situational insanity brought on by the hustle-and-bustle of the holidays. Out-of-town guests, Christmas parties, too much sugar, too many late nights and missed naptimes. The holidays came and went, yet the crazies remained. Angel continues to fight bedtime, sometimes for hours on end (we have completely given up on naps). Victor is holding fast to the belief that 4:30am is the new black PLUS taking on several of his brother's less-than-desirable tantrum habits (including throwing himself on the couch, screaming out NO and running away when I ask him to do something that he would rather not).

On their own, each individual set of crazy is relatively manageable. The real challenge comes when they feed off of each other's energy. They're like two insane little Energizer bunnies bouncing back and forth, each one trying to out-do the other with their own particular brand of lunacy.

I have never been a heavy drinker. Even in my college glory days, I was more interested in dancing (or quite honestly watching Letterman and going to bed) than drinking. Given the sheer and utter chaos that has over-taken my house in the past several months, I gotta tell ya, that bottle of wine is looking REALLY good right now...

In no way do I intend to make light of alcoholism or alcohol abuse. I've read research citing that alcoholism can disproportionately affect mothers of small children - as a way to deal with the daily stresses of parenthood. I'm not saying that it's a good thing. But right about now, I understand.
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Wait until they are in their 20's, living with you, and you spend half your time wondering if they are alive, and the other half wondering if the police car, ambulance, or fire truck that just passed your house, is going to get them.

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