A Mother's Worth

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Would your children love you any more if you:

  • Weighed less?
  • Cooked and cleaned more?
  • Made more money?
  • Wore more makeup or better clothes?
  • Baked like Martha Stewart?
  • Had fewer stretch marks?
  • Got a promotion?
  • Made better food choices?
  • Drove a nicer car?
  • Had perfect hair and eyebrows?
"Of course not!"you say. "Preposterous!"you think. Kids don't love their moms because of the way they look, the car they drive, how few dust bunnies are under their couch or how quickly they climb the corporate ladder. 

So why do WE spend so much time and effort worrying about things like these?

Your children love you because you are their mother. You are the irreplaceable center of their universe. You give them life, love, hope and a future. They rise and fall on your mood, and your perfectly timed smile can change their tiny faces from despair to pure joy in an instant. You are their first teacher. A true friend. Their rock in good times and bad. 

I read in a book this week that no mother can ever truly teach her children to value themselves if she doesn't understand HER true worth. Deeper words have never been said.

So, here's your assignment. The next time you measure yourself against the never-ending-list of ways you're not good enough, remember that you are EVERYTHING to your child.

And that's enough. 
Ace's Lady said...

Like P!NK's song, "You are perfect to me..."

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