We do not negotiate with terrorists

I can't remember which president made this proclamation. I'm pretty certain that, at the time, I did not agree with the philosophy (being more of a rose-colored-glasses-leave-no-American-behind type in my youth). Now that I am dealing with tiny terrorists on the front lines of Casa de BadAssMama, I think I understand.

Let me explain.

Little A is clearly going through a phase. While many may say he is testing boundaries and asserting his independence/free will, I say that this is yet another front in he and Victor's on-going campaign to make me lose my f-ing mind. The pattern began to heat up this weekend. Rather than the occasional crying jag when he doesn't get his way, Angel is now actively seeking to make his opinion and preferences known - most often at high decibels in a disturbingly aggressive tone for a four-year-old. I don't mean aggressive as in I think he's going to punch me in the face, but aggressive as in he's talking to me like I'm shorter than he is (which will mostly likely be the case in the next 7-10 years, but NOT TODAY).

Today we decided that enough was enough. This kid was going to have to learn eventually that, while he is welcome to his opinion and desires, he is not the king of the castle. Most importantly, he needs to learn that you don't get what you want by screaming (despite the fact that whenever he and Victor are not listening I invariably result to screaming at the top of my lungs, but I digress...).

Where was I? Oh yes - we do not negotiate with terrorists. At bedtime, Angel declared in no uncertain terms that he wanted Mommy to put him in the bed. I told him that I would be right back as soon as I put Victor in the crib.

Cue the rampage.

Angel: "I want Mommy to put me in the bed! I want MOMMY to put me in the BED!! I WANT MOMMY TO PUT ME IN THE BED!!!!!!!"

Mommy: Angel, you don't get what you want when you yell. You don't get what you want when you cry.

Angel: AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! (foot stomping, wall kicking, crossed arms in a huff)

Mommy: I'm not going to put up with this. You let me know when you calm down.

My husband, ever the pacifist, does his best to mediate the situation and reason with the little lunatic. But, alas, one cannot negotiate with an irrational counterpart, so after a few minutes of non-stop screaming (by Little, not Big A), he comes back downstairs and leaves Angel to rage in the hallway. We calmly applaud our united front and agree that he has to learn, so we leave him to his tantrum. Then Victor gets pissed that Angel woke him up, so now we have TWO screaming lunatics upstairs.

After about 10 minutes of sheer insanity, Angel calms down and Big A goes back upstairs to rub his back and put him to bed.

I'm not sure if he'll learn a lesson from this, but it sure did feel good to act like a parent...
Anonymous said...

So true! My son is 3 and he is definitely asserting himself. When in doubt, we send him for a time out in his room. On the bad days, it sounds like there is a lion on the loose in his room (kicking, throwing stuffed animals at the door)....but he eventually calms down and pulls together some composure (whatever that means for a 3 year old) and resumes his day. :)

Leah said...

AHHHHH, 3yr olds. What happened to my sweet little girl?? It was overnight. Two's were a piece of cake compared to this...:(

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