One Day at a Time

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It's funny how the things that make us awesome can also make us crazy.

Let me explain.

For the majority of my life, whether in school or in my career, I have attained a certain level of achievement by planning ahead. Thinking 10 steps out. Having a 5 year plan. Contingency planning to minimize the downside. Professionally, and sometimes personally, I have been rewarded for my forward thinking. Strategic planning. Future vision.

And then I became a mom.

It's one thing to plan 10 steps out for yourself, or even for yourself and a spouse. But throw in two kids, a cat, a mortgage, shopping lists,  increasing personal and professional responsibilities and that 5 year plan looks more like a glob of spaghetti thrown up against the wall.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to perfectly plan for every contingency, in every part of your life, every day. Trust me, I've tried (because it's what I USED to be good at). All it's done is driven me into therapy (and likely pushed my husband to the verge of dialing a hit man...).  As we grow up and add tiny people into the mix, it is a foolish dream to think that we can manage every possible scenario through impeccable advanced planning.

So, today I decided to try a new plan.

I will continue to map out those things that I can control (I'm a bit too OCD to throw ALL caution to the wind). But my new mantra is: one day at a time, one thing at a time. This helps me to enjoy the small pleasures and massive joy of watching my tiny lunatics grow and change right in front of my eyes. It also helps me to take a deep breath and slow down when I manically attempt to complete my entire personal and professional to-do list for the week in an 10 hour stretch working from home on Fridays.

One day at a time. One thing at a time.

Try it with me! Tell me how it works for you...
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