What mom REALLY wants

Another Mother's Day is coming to a close. For The BadAssMama, this is the fourth under my belt. Each with its own special memories and random tantrums. The first, when my colicky first-born slept through the night until 7:30 Mother's Day morning. The second, a shared BBQ with our neighbors. Last year, a double toddler meltdown at a local eating establishment (thank God they served wine). And today, new memories for what sometimes still feels like a new mom.

As I reflect on the course of today, and Mother's Days gone by, I can't help but think about what most moms really want on their special day. The one day each year that we can justifiably expect to be spoiled. Don't get me wrong - macaroni necklaces and breakfasts in bed are nice. But what moms want - what they REALLY want - is something more like:

  • 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep
  • Brunch (meaning that her first morning meal comes later than 7am because she's already been awake for 2 hours), in a restaurant that serves more than chicken fingers and hot dogs. Preferably one that serves wine and various fruity drinks. YES we know that restaurants are crowded on Mother's Day. SO WHAT! Make the damned reservation - it's one day, for pete's sake, and one less meal that we have to plan (and clean up)
  • A long, uninterrupted run/walk/insert-your-preferred-active-leisure-time-activity-here without a single or double jogging stroller and mandatory stops every 6.5 minutes because someone dropped their ba-ba
  • Several hours in a clean, softly lit, immaculately white room with very pointy corners (read: the most un-child-friendly-room EVER) with a pot of green tea and a great book
  • A full spa day alone, or with her best girlfriends - in a pinch, a $20 mani/pedi can do the trick as well
  • A crown, tiara or festive hat proclaiming that she is the BEST MOM EVER
  • A kiss and a thank you for all the hard work that we do the other 364 days of the year

Some may read this list and think, "Hey, what kind of mom DOESN'T want to spend Mother's Day with her kids?" True - there are some women who would love nothing more than to spend every single day of the year with their children, and relish the thought of spending every waking moment of their one special day a year with their little bundles of joy - partaking in child-centric activities and catering to their every whim. 

I'm sure these women exist, but I don't know them. And, frankly, I don't think that I want to. 

The BadAssMama is here to tell you that on Mother's Day, what we want more than anything in the world is to be pampered. To be adored. And to be LEFT THE HELL ALONE. We'll run around the zoo/park/kickball field all day Saturday and every other freaking day of the year. But for one Sunday in May, we want to celebrate the art of motherhood by leaving it behind for 24 hours. 

And we don't want to be the ones to plan it. 

You're welcome, America. 
Ace's Lady said...

When my daughter was your children's age-ish (& younger), those things are EXACTLY what I wanted. She's now 11 1/2. She cooks, she cleans, she massages, and much more... NOW, I want to spend the day with her -- having her spoil ME for once! :)

BadAssMama said...

Thanks for the comment, Ace's Lady! You give me hope :)

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