Liar, liar...

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When it comes to parenting, honesty is not always the best policy. In fact, I lie to my children on an almost-daily basis:

  • Just one more green bean...
  • Chuck-E Cheese doesn't do birthday parties anymore
  • McDonald's is yucky
  • There's a party in the potty, and your poop wants to go!
  • But we have to leave now, the park is closing
  • You only have to take a little nap
  • Of course I want to play robot-astronauts again!
  • The cat ate the rest of the Oreos
  • I'm SO sorry that the noisy-bangy toy from the birthday-party-treat-bag last weekend broke

So, I'm not mother of the year. But, let's be real. Sometimes it's easier to say that Chuck-E Cheese's is closed rather than endure yet another weekend of screaming-minimally-supervised-lunatics-on-a-sugar-high. To make up an answer when your four-year-old is on the 32nd string of "But why?" responses to any combination of questions, simple directions or basic statements of fact. 

Am I setting the best example for my children? Absolutely not. Am I contradicting my own rule that "we don't tell lies in this house"? Yup. 

But sometimes it makes life just a bit easier. And when you're subsisting on a diet of Cheerios, Diet Coke and 3 hours of sleep, you need all the help you can get!
Bree said...

Lol! Awesome post. And, I totally agree. This past Thursday, we told our son, that McDonald's and Wendy's were closed, until October.

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