Having it all?

My life is perpetual motion. 

From the moment I rise in the morning until the time I collapse in my bed at night, I am doing something for someone, planning something for someone or preparing to do something for someone. From time-to-time that someone is me, but 9 times out of 10 it is for someone else - my job, my husband, my kids. Don't get me wrong, prepping and planning is something that The BadAssMama is good at and the OCD in me actually enjoys...most of the time.

Problem is, I do it ALL OF THE TIME. 

I made an appointment with an incredible nutritionist earlier this week(@theSPEACHgal - check her out on Twitter!). As part of our first consultation, she had me complete a lifestyle questionnaire covering topics like what kinds of foods I eat, how much exercise I get, what medications I'm on. During our conversation, she asked me to walk her through a typical day. I began with the standard 5am wake up call from Hurricane Victor, the rush to catch the 7:32am train, meetings-upon-meetings, rush to catch the train before daycare closes, homework, dinner, bath, bed. Lather, rinse, repeat. She asked me when I spend time with my husband or to just be still. The question left me a tad speechless, as I suddenly realized that I don't do much of either of those things.

Near the close of our conversation, she asked me to rattle off 3 things that I'd like more of in my life. I said that I wanted to eat for nutrition, not just weight loss (I have the how-little-can-I-eat thing down to an art. It's about time to actually view food as nutrition. Plus I want my boys to grow up eating real food, rather than subsisting on a diet of dinosaur-shaped meat and fish-shaped crackers...)I can't remember the second thing I said, but I closed with the fact that I wanted to find more time to relax. To focus on being rather than doing. To take some time every day to do absolutely nothing. 

While I left the call feeling optimistic, slowly over the course of the week I learned that I don't really know HOW to do absolutely nothing. And even if I did, how could I possibly carve out time to do absolutely nothing with all the doing that is required to be a busy working mom trying to keep a household on track? 

So, today The BadAssMama starts a new challenge and I invite you to come along. This week, I commit to carve out 15 minutes each day to do absolutely nothing. To sit still, breathe and just be. To think, reflect, relax. 

I don't know about you, but the thought of doing nothing is kind of stressing me out...and that's EXACTLY why I need it. 
Denette said...

I have a place in the far corner of my backyard. I have a comfortable chaise, a table, books, lotion. I surrounded it with tall potted plants. It's my refuge, and no one is allowed to bother me when I go there unless someone is bleeding or the house is on fire. I go there several times a day, just for a few minutes, and relax.

Amy said...

Sherice, Denette has a BadAss plan there. Maybe you could find a little oasis like that? I don't know how you do it all or have it all. I'm not a career mom. Frankly, I'm barely keeping my head above water as a stay at home mom, much less having a busy career too! I hope that you can devote some time for yourself. You've certainly earned that much! I mentioned you (with a link) in my latest blog post as a prime example of the type of mom that I admire. But admiration of others doesn't give you peace or relaxation. You definitely have to find the time (even just 15 peaceful minutes) for yourself & learn to just "be" for a few moments. Maybe meditation? I know it sounds very new age, but so many people have really found it helps! I'm taking on your challenge with you, though it will be a hell of a lot easier for me... I have no problem relaxing, just finding the time to do it (without falling asleep b/c its after 10 pm & I'm exhausted). At the very least I can be your relaxation cheerleader. :)

TheSPEACHgal said...

Dearest Sherice,

Just happen to see this after googling my twitter handle. This is awesome! In solidarity, I am also committing to 15 me time. I generally leave it for lunch hours but I'm adding those minutes to my morning routine.

I am equally inspired by you. I'm having separation anxiety with your blog even at this late hour... LOL!

You rock,

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