Top 10 Signs You're the Mom of a Preschooler

10. You know the words to Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do YOU See? by heart

9. Your weekend wardrobe consists of sweat pants, t-shirts, peanut butter and boogers

8. You get pissed off every time you hear the Alphabet Song because it will take you months to make your kid realize that LMNOP is NOT one letter...

7. Reading Christmas books in the middle of July is a no brainer

6. You find yourself screaming at the top of your lungs at least 3 times a day...and no one in your house seems to notice

5. You count down the minutes until bedtime every night

4. You know that the Terrible Two's have nothing on the Tempestuous Three's or the WTF Four's

3. You have replaced your choice curse words with "sugar" and "oh, snap"

2. You keep a running list of birthdays, doctor appointments, grocery lists and play dates in your head but can't remember where you put your keys

1. Your life has been turned completely upside down...and you wouldn't have it any other way
Courtney said...

"4. You know that the Terrible Two's have nothing on the Tempestuous Three's or the WTF Four's"

Two gets a bad rep due to 3 and 4's awesome PR campaign.

Glow said...

The WTF Fours. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ with number one. Call me a bad mom, but sweatpants, popcorn, a movie and my husband sounds AWESOME compared to screaming and boogers and peanut butter. So, yes, I would have it some other way. Since I have kids and I CAN'T have it any other way, I will continue to love on them and hug on them and smother on them all my affection every waking hour I can!

HerMelness Speaks said...

You work spit-up into your overall 'look'.

MOMS OF ZECK said...

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