Confessions of a BadAssMama...

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I yell at my kids every night before bed.

Let me explain.

It is not my intention to end the day on a sour note. To send the boys off to dream with visions of their lunatic mother dancing in their heads. Yet and still, every night the pattern continues without fail. First, they want another book. Then someone cries because it's too late for more books. Then someone needs to pee. Then someone needs to poo. Then someone needs to pee again. Then Angel wants someone to rub his back. Invariably, he wants the parent OTHER than the one who first entered his room. Then he decides that we haven't rubbed his back long enough. 

Then, Victor starts. Rub my back! Fix my blankie! I want baba. NOT water baba, MILK baba. Then I explain (yet again) that we don't drink milk in the sippy cup at night, or he will get cavities. Then he explains to me (often at the top of his lungs in a semi-dictatorial fashion) that milk does NOT cause cavities. 

Then the crying begins. 

Then Angel tells me that we didn't rub his back long enough. Then he needs someone to fix his blanket because "I don't know how." Then he needs to pee...for the 5th time in 10 minutes. Then Victor starts screaming for milk baba...again.

And then I lose it. 

I yell at Victor, "Don't start! We have this SAME conversation EVERY NIGHT. NO MILK BABA. Go to sleep and you can have milk in the morning." "Angel, no one needs to pee THAT MUCH. Get in the bed and GO TO SLEEP."

Each night, I end with a rough, "Good night. I love you" before stomping down the stairs in myself and the vicious cycle that never seems to end. 

Maybe I'll do better tomorrow....
Erika B. said...

OMG I can so relate. Please know that you are in good company. Every night I find myself trying to reason with a 2 year old in an effort to get her to go to sleep. It normally ends with me raising my voice at her and her crying. I can tell you does get better as they get older (I have a 14 yo and 12 yo). However I will be honest and say that the yelling doesn't stop. Someone once told me that if you tell then you are a great you can consider yourself one Bad Ass GREAT Mother...I know I do! :-)

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