Teaching my boys how to love

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I spent this Valentine's Day on the road, in the midst of yet another BadAssMama Travel-o-Rama for work. Because my husband is a keeper, we exchanged cards with each other and the boys on Monday night before my flight. I flew out to the West Coast on a 9pm flight so I could say goodnight to my boys in person one more time before 4 days on the road.

Come to think of it, The Hubs and I have never really been big on Valentine's Day. Not so much in protest of yet another "greeting card" holiday, but more as a reflection of his utter practicality. Even when we were in our early courting days, we never went out to dinner on the big day because the restaurants were too crowded. While we would always exchange cards, we never really did the Valentine gift thing.

If I really step back and think about it, I don't think that Angel's aversion to Valentine's Day is so much about practicality as a reflection of his penchant for action above words (get your minds out of the gutter people...oh wait, maybe that's just me). While I am more of a talker, Angel is your classic strong-yet-silent type. Rather than telling me he cares in words, Angel shows his love through the little things. Keeping the gas tank full in my truck, buying my favorite-yet-impossible-to-find natural black cherry soda, asking the waiter if there is coconut in anything on the menu (I developed a freakish coconut allergy in my mid-thirties). He sent out a link to my first published article, reads every blog post, cheers on every professional victory and believes in me more than I believe in myself. He is an amazing husband and father, protective son and brother, fiercely loyal friend. Angel shows his love every day, not just on Valentine's Day.

As my boys transition all too quickly from babies to little men, I'm proud that they know their parents love them. One of my best parenting memories actually happened Monday night before my flight. I laid in the bed with Victor (I literally climb into their teeny toddler beds and snuggle with them each night) to tell him good night. As he drank his water out of a sippy cup and stroked the side of my face, I told Victor that I loved him. His response? "I know, Mommy."

While I'm proud of the job I've done showing my love to Little Angel and Victor, I believe that they will learn the most about how to love through the example of their incredible father, my extraordinary husband. Angel is the most patient, involved, deeply caring parent I have ever met (present company included!). Not only do my boys have a brilliant example of how to be a great parent, they have a living testament of how to truly show love to your wife, friends and family.

It's true. The BadAssMama may not always get this parenting thing right, but I hit a home run in the husband department. Happy Valentine's Day, baby...
MK's Mom said...

We are on the same page with v-day... We do not do much on that day, but that is because we do things on a regular basis. My husband is not my daughter's bio-dad, but he IS the one who has been here... every day since she was 2yo. All the "little things" {scraping car windows, flipping laundry before he goes to bed (even though it's "my" chore), grabbing a few boxes of my favorite chocolate-covered cherries when he finds them in stores (limited time)} and all the "big things" {helping with homework, taking to practice when I have to work late, just being there & showing her what a GOOD dad does} are giving her a fabulous example of what she should look for in a man.

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