Confessions of a Momzilla

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It's official. I've become THAT mom. The one I always vowed I would never become. I am officially a nagging, hovering, obsessing, perfection-demanding Momzilla.

Let me explain.

As anyone who knows me, or has spent any time reading this blog knows, The BadAssMama is a recovering perfectionist. Heavy emphasis on the "recovering" part. I am very hard on myself, often harder on those nearest and dearest to me. I like things to be done well, done right, done efficiently. This has made me pretty successful in my academic and professional career. It has been nothing but crazy-making as a mom, mainly because "perfection" should be banished from your vocabulary when it comes to life with kids, especially little kids.

Particularly MY kids.

Logically, I know this. It's SO obvious. Yet I continue to beat my head against the wall trying to make things perfect and, more specifically, trying to make my kids perfect rather than just letting them be kids.

So, as the first day of Spring approaches, The BadAssMama is trying to turn over a new leaf. Do a little Spring cleaning on my attitude and approach to parenting. A little less focus on structure, a little more focus on fun. A little less focus on perfection, a bit more focus on reality.

Wish me luck...
Whatywrongywiththatbaby? said...

Good luck! If you figure out how, please post the secret. Don't be so hard on yourself. You could be one of those detached, apathetic mothers.

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