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Adorn Yourself!
by D'Angelo Thompson

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, yet makeup and hair can "enhance" it. When you have a night out with the girls or your significant other, try a fresh flower in the hair. I find orchids, lillies or roses to be perfect and a great accent! You can add it to an elegant bun, near the temple or behind your ear. The key is to secure it with hairpins or a comb.

D'Angelo Thompson - makeup, groomer, beuaty educator, blogger and author
Anonymous said...

LOL, D'..........I do this often with different floral hair clips. My mom told me to stop. "Why" I asked. "I think I'm getting sick of it". "It's my trademark." I told her at a bridal shower. HER EYES ROLLED. TO HER CHAGRIN I got about five compliments on it within the next half hour. Mom likes her hair super-short w/no adornaments. To each his own. What can I say? I want an exotic real BLUE ROSE now.........FOR MOTHER'S DAY. I'm just going to go for it. TX for the extra push to just do it........Always, Noelle B.

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