Top 10 Things to NEVER Say to a Working Mother

10. But who's going to take care of the baby? (accompanied by a look of horror)

9. You must feel so guilty having a stranger raise your child

8. Does it make you cry when the kids ask for the nanny in the middle of the night?

7. I just don't think I could be away from my kids for THAT long every day...

6. Do you not like being a mother?

5. I guess some women just aren't wired to be "real moms"

4. Is your husband ok with that?

3. It must be nice to have so much "free time"

2. But how could you love your job more than your kids?

1. I guess it's good to make your own money. That way you'll  be ok when your husband leaves you...
Robin said...

I laugh, but with a scowl on my face... Also: Isn't that a long day (at daycare) for your kids? Or: It's too bad you have to work.


Debbie Morgan said...

Just a few weeks ago, a woman was sitting next to me at a school function and after we were introduced, and I told her what I did, she said "oh wow, you must work a lot! I just read a study about children of working mothers" I cut her off and said "oh, the one where they stated that children of working mothers are smarter, more secure and independent than those of stay at home moms"?
(there is none, of course, but no need for her to know that. he he)

Leah Haas said...

I have had these comments said to me several times.

katie elliott-highland said...

I have been a stay home mom for seven years now and am stunned when people comment on one or the other having more value. you're a mom, you do what's best for your family and your life. one is not better than the other.

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