Change IS Good

It's crazy how something as small as a haircut can change everything.

Let me explain.

I've been a bit MIA from the blog for the past few weeks - partly because of vacation, but mainly because I've had a wicked case of writer's block. Combined with life block, parenting block, marriage block, career block, overall personal and professional development block.

Or maybe it was just a mid-life crisis.

In either case, I've been hiding from the blog because every time sat down to write, I felt so overwhelmed with the perceived hot mess that my life has become that the words would simply not come out of me. It was like my life was one massive bout of PMS. You know, when nothing is wrong but EVERYTHING is wrong? Yeah - like that.

I thought that vacation might cure my blues. Some time away from never-ending daily grind might help me to push through and find my temporarily misplaced mojo. Six days of gorgeous weather, good swimsuit choices, room service and housekeeping later I was still a hot mess. Rather than focusing on the joy in my kids' eyes as they raced through the amusement park, played fooseball for the first time and hopped exclusively on the circles down the hotel hallway, all I could think about was how exhausted I was, how I wished they would just sleep past 6am, stop having tantrums and throwing things at each other. I was irritated with my husband, irritated with kids, irritated with everyone else's kids around me and extraordinarily irritated with myself.

We came back from vacation on Tuesday and still I could not shake my funk. The next morning as my kids ran around like tiny lunatics in the background, I stumbled groggily to the bathroom to at least shake the funk from my breath. I looked in the mirror and found yet another reason to be irritable. My hair was a hot mess. As any Black woman with a relaxer will tell you, every few years, despite our best efforts, the hair starts to break. For me, it was a big section in the center of my head accompanied by an annoying faux-bang worth of breakage in the front.

Then something clicked - I might not be able to simplify my commute, my kids or my career - but I could simplify my hair. It was like a lightbulb went off. After 26 years of relaxers, I wanted natural hair. It fit better with my lifestyle and exercise habits and I actually liked how I looked with short hair - I just hated the upkeep of going for a relaxer touch up every 2 weeks. A short, natural cut was perfect!

So, I did it. No hesitation, no planning, no delay. I found a way to simplify my life and I grabbed it with both hands. And guess what? I LOVE it! And it's inspired me to try new things in other areas of my life. So, if I don't like how much I'm yelling at my kids - I'm going to try something new! Want more romance with my main guy? Be spontaneous! I do not have to be defined by the way my life has "always been". I have the power to change it at any time.

And to think...all of this inspiration from a little haircut

Unknown said...

And you look gorgeous!

Andie said...

I love your hair! It looks great.

Jae Carlisle said...

You are beautiful, girl! :) It is amazing how a haircut can change our perspective. :)

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