365 Days of JOY


As I enter the last year of my 30’s (how the hell did THAT happen?), I’m feeling pretty darned happy. I have been through hell and back. I have two beautiful children, who have yet to succeed in their on-going attempts to kill me. I have an incredibly loving and supportive husband (he understands and has come to accept my particular brand of crazy). I have been blessed with family and friends who have my back, and I am finally learning to own my story and claim my place in the world.

So, I have a new challenge for my 39-year. I have decided to make this my Year of Joy. Each and every day for the next 365 days, I commit to follow my joy. No, this doesn’t mean that I’m going to quit my day job or stop doing laundry (though the latter is EXTREMELY tempting). I am going to keep doing the things that need to be done each day, but for the last year of my 30’s I commit to do them in a way that brings me joy. I commit to stop doing things because I “should” and only do things that I truly enjoy. There are no exclusions from this challenge – all areas of my life apply including career, family, food, exercise, relationships. You name it, I commit to claim the joy in it!

Now, this may sound like a relatively easy assignment, but if you know anything about me (or if you are a mother yourself), you realize how painfully easy it is to live a life of obligation devoid of joy. How easy it is to fill your days with must-do’s rather than want-to-do’s.

And what better time to start this challenge than on my birthday! I started the day off right. Rather than going to Bikram yoga (which I truly adore), I took advantage of my husband’s incredibly sweet gesture of taking the boys to the basement to play and stayed in my bed until 10am. And it was DELICIOUS. I haven’t slept in until 10 in nearly 10 years! It was decadent, delightful and absolutely necessary.  A luxury I haven’t allowed myself (though sorely needed) in longer than I can remember. As the boys played in the backyard, I dusted off the MacBook and took advantage of some newfound inspiration to write. Not because I had to, but because I LOVE to write. And now we’re going for a walk around the block on this perfectly gorgeous summer Saturday.

I encourage you to join me on my Journey to a Year of Joy. I’ll track my journey on the Year of JOY tab right here on the blog, and I encourage you to journal your journey as well! Or just track them on your own. But, by all means KEEP TRACK OF YOUR JOY! It’s so easy to overlook, neglect or otherwise ignore the things that make us happy.

Let’s make this our collective best year ever. 
Southern Girl said...

Great post and happy birthday

CCinCali said...

It's interesting that I have adopted a similar mantra as my outro as a thirtysomething. I'm not sure if treading treacherous waters happens to come with the territory with this decade of living (okay, that was a lot of "Ts") or if it's just a few good women that go through the storm. I pray that it is not on par for the course. After working with a therapist, as well, I began to emerge as the woman I knew I could be. Your story is inspirational, as I battle through my own health challenges and I look forward to coming out on the other side a stronger woman, as well. I don't have a blog, but write religiously in my journal and will add my joyous comments along the way. Wishing you happy, healthy and prosperous year! Happy Belated Birthday, Badass!

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