Take a Hint From Dad...

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I hate to admit it, but I'm starting to think that my husband is actually smarter than I am.

Let me explain.

Apparently, I am allergic to my couch. I must be, because whenever I'm in my house regardless of how much I've done on that particular day or what degree of exhausted I am at that very moment, I cannot make myself sit down. I am perpetual motion - feed the cat, feed the kids, make the beds, do the laundry, wash the dishes, balance the checkbook, open the mail, take out the garbage, books, bath, bed. Lather, rinse repeat. 24/7, 365.

Yesterday was one of those days. Every hour, on the hour I was double and triple booked with work and home commitments. I stumbled into the door at the end of the day (after rushing from a conference call to pick the boys up from camp and speed to karate) and was so exhausted that I could barely see straight. After giving the boys a snack, I dove right into my standard routine - open the mail, empty the dishwasher, start dinner. My husband got home a bit early and was in the backyard with Victor. He'd searched for months to find a replacement battery for a little red convertible ride-on car, and finally found it at a random Radio Shack. So, naturally, he and Victor had to wash the car before they took it out for a spin.

I looked out the window with an attitude.  How can he just come home and PLAY when there are so many things to GET DONE? Why would he waste months looking for a silly car battery when the lights in the upstairs hallway are still not working? I mean, come on! There are clothes to be folded and bills to pay!

And then Angel came inside. He had taken pictures of Victor detailing his little red convertible. He was smiling, dipping the rag into the bucket and making sure to get the rims cleaned just right. I flashed back to the exact same photo he had taken of Little Angel with that very same convertible when he was barely two years old. I closed the dishwasher and walked outside. Victor took great pride in showing me how his car worked - honking the horn, turning on the little radio, driving it up and down the driveway. His smile was like sunshine.

And I almost missed it over some damned dishes.

So, I took a hint from The Hubs. I went back inside and rather than toiling through the dishes/dinner/laundry routine I turned on some Sade, poured a glass of wine and danced through my chores. So what, we ate dinner a little later than usual last night? I finally gave myself permission to wind down from my crazy day and do something that I enjoy - something that would relax me - rather than running myself into the ground.

Thanks, babe. You're a pretty smart dude....
Kimberly Warren said...

I needed this post. Thank you....

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