Confessions of a BadAssMama - The Business Trip Edition

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I love my children, but nothing sets the reset button for me like a business trip.

Let me explain.

Before having kids, I viewed business trips as a necessary evil. Sure, it was nice to have a great meal with clients, visit a new town and earn hotel or frequent flier miles (cry me a river, right?). But, truth be told, I'd rather be at home in my own bed. Fast forward after 2 kids and roughly 4 years subsisting on a deprivation diet of less then 5 hours of sleep per night (and, no, those are not 5 uninterrupted hours), a business trip can become mama's best friend.

Let's think about it:

  • All of your meals are prepared, served and cleaned up by someone else
  • Nine times out of ten you are NOT driving a minivan
  • You rarely have to check the shoulder of your suit for remnants of your kid's breakfast or milk dribble (unless, of course, the stains are already set in and you didn't have a chance to make it to the dry cleaners before your flight...)
  • There are generally next to no tantrums on any given day 
  • Each night, you retire to a quiet hotel room that someone else comes to clean each morning
  • Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can video chat with your kids each day until you get home
  • You can actually sit and complete an entire meal while the food is still hot
So, I confess. The BadAssMama looks forward to most business trips. While I try to avoid traveling for more than 4 consecutive days in any given month and NEVER on the weekends (weekends are sacred at BadAssMama Central), the thought of getting on a plane with the oasis of a clean, quiet hotel room waiting for me on the other side makes anything that I have to manage during the actual business of the trip worth while. 

I love my kids, but every once in a while mama needs a break...
Traci said...

I have a few friends that travel for their jobs. I've always been envious! I'm a teacher- no travel there!

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