A New Holiday Tradition

As we began to return to the semi-normal pace of life this week after the storm(s), I realized that I was WAY behind in my holiday shopping (meaning I hadn't even begun to THINK about it). As I opened the spreadsheet from last year (yes, I do keep a spreadsheet...), something just didn't sit right with me. How could we spend money on relatively thoughtful but truly unnecessary items for friends and family when so many around us had lost so much?

And then it hit me. The Hubs and I sent the following message out to those on our annual Christmas list. I think it's a fitting tribute to those who lost so much in the storm, and a reflection of the true spirit of the holidays. The BadAssMama would consider it a personal holiday gift if you would consider doing the same - or at least making a donation to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy as they struggle to recover.

Here is our family letter...

Friends and family,

As we approach this holiday season, we find ourselves in the middle of one of the greatest natural disasters the tri-state area has ever seen. As much as we enjoy expressing our love for each of you and your children through gifts each Christmas, our family would like to celebrate the joy of the season by giving back to those who have lost so much in the past 2 weeks.

This year, the Torres Family will donate the money that we typically spend on Christmas gifts (for both the big and little ones on our list) to support the victims of Hurricane Sandy. We will make a donation to The Vineyard Church’s Hurricane Sandy Restoration Fund, with 100% of the proceeds going to help our neighbors on Long Island to recover from the devastation of the hurricane and most recent noreaster.

In return, we ask that instead of sending gifts to our family this holiday season, please make a donation to The Vineyard Church (www.thevineyardchurch.com) , The American Red Cross (www.americanredcross.org)  or the local charity of your choice. Together, we hope to spread more than holiday cheer. We want to use our financial blessings to make a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors who have lost so much.

Helping one another – the true spirit of the holidays.

With love,
Angel, Sherice, Little Angel and Victor Torres

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