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As a mom, my life is perpetual motion. A typical day goes something like this:
  • Get up
  • Dress kids
  • Dress myself while the kids tear the house apart
  • Beg/prod/cajole/threaten kids to eat breakfast before we’re late for school
  • Pile kids into the car. Race to school to beat the morning bell
  • Hug/kiss/snuggle as we say goodbye (mine are still small, they’re not embarrassed of me…yet)
  • Drive like a bat out of hell to make the morning train
  • Run ¼ of a mile at a flat sprint, jump on train looking like a deranged lunatic
  • Meetings, meetings, meetings, meetings. Pee. Meetings, meetings, meetings
  • Run ¼ mile at a flat sprint to make the last train home before bedtime
  • Bath, books, bed
  • Pack lunches as I gulp down dinner standing at the kitchen counter
  • Fall asleep over my kindle by roughly 9pm
Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Add in laundry, groceries, home repairs, doctor appointments, business trips, birthday parties and assorted emergencies and you’ve got the recipe for a serious case of BadAssMama burnout. I am exhausted, irritable and downright cranky most days of the week. Forget about “me time”. I can barely keep my eyes most days! Date night? What the hell is a date night? Being a mother – particularly a working mother – can become all-consuming, even with the best of villages there to give you support.

Perhaps I’m in a prison of my own making. Countless research studies show that even with evolving gender roles, increased participation of women in the workforce and as primary breadwinners us moms continue to carry the bulk of child rearing and housekeeping responsibilities. Now, don’t get me wrong. There are dads out there that are rock stars in the kitchen, who work the school pick up line religiously and wield a mop just as well as the mamas. But, by and large, the bulk of responsibilities continue to fall to the women.

So, what’s a girl to do? Clone herself? Not quite legal. Hire full-time, round-the clock help? Too expensive for most.  Throw up your hands and blast P!nk at full volume? Perhaps.

As for me, I’m looking for a wife. Someone to help me keep the checklists memorized, appointments scheduled, contacts updated, medicines dispensed, meals prepared, boo boos kissed and books read.

Maybe then I could take a nap…
Xavi said...

OMG...I have been saying this for years!! Finally someone who understands what I mean...

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