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Whip It Up...
By D'angelo Thompson

I'm not talking about a delicious chocolate mousse but your glorious locks of hair.
A French twist is always nice but a quick at home solution is a low ponytail , roll it upwards with your fingers and pin (1)or do a low loose raid and in in in zig zag pattern(2).  Last  but not least is a classic side ponytail, scrunch hair and pin for a fabulous messy updo(3).
Add extra hair for fullness if needed...
Enjoy your holiday parties!

D'angelo Thompson, make up, groomer, beauty educator, blogger  and author

Alice Kingsleigh said...

Hey new follower here. I'm thankfully and recently a stay at home, pregnant with my third, mom... I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Blogging is only thing keeping me sane.

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