Top 10 Reasons I Should Live in a Hotel

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We just came back from an impromptu family weekend away. I had the opportunity to bring the boys along to an incredible event with my day job, so we arranged for extra homework, early spelling and math tests with their teaches, then swept them off to the airport after school on Thursday. The event was awesome,  the boys' behavior divine...that is until we stepped back into our own home on Sunday afternoon.

What is it about vacation that brings out the best in my family (including me), and why can't some of that relaxed-well-behaved-goodness rub off on our day-to-day craziness? I'm convinced that it must be the hotel. So, I've decided that we should just say screw this whole mortgage thing and move into a hotel. Permanently.

You think I'm nuts? Well, take a peek at my Top 10 Reasons I Should Live in a Hotel and YOU be the judge:

10. Even if the room looks like it was hit by a tornado in the morning, it's all military corners and soft music playing on the radio by dinner time - and I didn't have to lift a finger

9. Everybody knows that vacation mom is WAY more fun than regular mom

8. Two words: Room service

7. If you run out of toothpaste or toilet paper in the middle of the night, there's always someone there to bring it to you

6. Every day, someone else cleans the bathrooms and feeds my kids

5. My kids seem to magically follow directions and behave less like wild animals when we are away from home

4. If I make a ridiculous or seemingly impossible request, the concierge always smiles and comes back with a solution. When I try this at home with The Hubs, he just looks at me like I'm crazy

3. I always wanted a swimming pool in my back yard...but never wanted to clean it

2. Breakfast in bed is so much more appealing when someone else is there to fish the crumbs out of the sheets

1. Hotels have wine. Lots and lots of wine...
Jacqueline said...

I completely agree.

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