A Year of JOY

As I start my 41-year, I'm kicking off a new Year of Joy challenge. The last time I did this, I have to be honest - it was kind of forced, pretty fake. I was DESPERATELY seeking to find some joy in my life, so I tried to fake it until I made it (not a bad approach for some, but doesn't work for me).

After a breakdown breakthrough, cross-country move, new job and new attitude, it's time to really take stock of where I am in my life and chronicle the moments of joy that I find in my day-to-day life.

Let's do it...

Sherice Torres said...

BadAssMama Update: 7/25/14

My joy today came from taking time just for me. The past 6 weeks or so have been ALL about getting my family ready for our move. And, truth be told, as much as I love spending time with my family, THAT shit can be exhausting!

Back in January, one of my best girlfriends and I planned to attend BlogHer in San Jose together. Little did I know that the week before the conference, I would have relocated to....that exact city. And here I am. Not only am I here with Terra, we talked another girlfriend into joining at the last minute.

So I am here, with my girls in my element, remembering why I started this crazy blogging thing to begin with. For the next 2 days, it's all about me. My kids are comfortable by the pool at the apartment with The Hubs and I am taking time to reconnect with things that are important just for me - not just my entire family.

This is not selfish - this is self-preservation. Love it!

Sherice Torres said...

BadAssMama Update: The Weekend Edition - 7/26-7/27/14

This has truly been an amazing weekend! Not only was I able to be inspired by the amazing community of women bloggers at the BlogHer 10th anniversary conference, I was able to reconnect with two of my best friends from grad school. There were amazing and inspiring keynote speakers including Kerry Washington (love her!), Arianna Huffington, Guy Kawasaki and my favorite - The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson!

I spent the night in the hotel with my friends on Saturday, and started Sunday with an early morning yoga class before heading to church with the boys. The day ended with an impromptu house hunting trip in which - drum roll please - we found TWO houses that we would love to call our own!

I won't pretend that it's all been unicorns and glitter. I yelled at my kids and argued with The Hubs more than I care to admit (to myself in particular or to the blogosphere in general), but I'm taking baby steps toward calming down from our pack-a-pa-move-a-palooza over the past 6 weeks.

But, overall, I call this weekend a win and FULL of joy!

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