About BadAssMama Enterprises

BadAssMama Enterprises is a full service lifestyle management brand dedicated to helping women, particularly working mothers, dare to design their BEST LIFE. We take a holistic approach including career coaching, fitness, nutrition, work-life balance and mindfulness training.

You've spent much of your academic and professional career preparing for a bigger job. BadAssMama Enterprises will help you learn how to build a bigger life – one that equips you to climb the corporate ladder as well as the jungle gym. A life big enough to fulfill your dreams while balancing your many personal and professional obligations.

Whether it means expanding your current role or branching out into an entirely new direction, Sherice Torres and her team of certified professionals will equip you with the tools to build resilience in both your personal and professional endeavors. We will help you learn how to design your life with as much care and precision as you have put into the design of your professional career.

For more information, contact sherice@badassmama.com. 

Sherice Torres
MBA, Brand Builder, Life Coach, BadAssMama-in-Chief

Sherice Torres knows about the power of resilience. Whether rising from the public schools of Richmond, California to graduating from Harvard University; or facing a double mastectomy at the age of 37, Sherice tackles each challenge with drive, determination, faith and a healthy dose of sarcasm. 

An inspirational leader with nearly 20 years of experience in marketing, brand management, organizational development and executive coaching, Torres currently serves as Sr. Vice President of the consumer products division of a major kids and family entertainment brand. Torres also serves as BadAssMama-in-Chief of BadAssMama Enterprises, Inc. She is a regular contributor to WorkingMother.com, WhatTheFlicka.com and a syndicated contributor on BlogHer.com.

Sherice graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University and served as a management consultant with Deloitte & Touche before completing her MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Management. Among her many honors, Sherice was chosen as one of Black Enterprise’s 75 Most Powerful Women in Business (2009), Top 100 Black Executives (2008), and Crain's Business Top 40 Under 40.

Sherice is an avid runner, completing several full and half marathons from coast to coast - including the ING New York City Marathon and the Nike Marathon for Women in San Francisco. She has been an active member of Team in Training, raising funds for cancer research with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Her most recent fitness addiction is to Bikram Yoga, practicing 3-4 times each week.

Torres currently lives in New York with her husband and two sons, and journals her (mis)adventures in parenthood on her blog, The BadAssMama Chronicles. 

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