New year, new attitude?

As the sun rose on the first year of a new decade, I found myself slightly annoyed.

Nothing was wrong, in particular. The sun was shining, my children were happy. The holidays continue to bring a steady stream of family and friends to Casa de La BadAssMama. Yet, and still, I was annoyed.

Not exactly how I envisioned starting the new year.

So, instead of pissing off my entire family (as I have the terrible habit of doing whenever I'm in a funk), I did something that I haven't done in longer than I dare to remember. I quietly went back upstairs, climbed into bed and read a book. A REAL book. Not a Kindle book, an actual hard cover book. With paper pages.

Now, don't get me wrong, I adore the convenience of the Kindle. I love that it lightens my commuter bag by a good 5 pounds or more on any given weekday, and helps me to avoid the nasty grime of newsprint on my winter whites and spring pales. But there's something about reading a hard cover book that is simply luxurious. It takes me back to my childhood spent cramming as many books as humanly possible into summer days and school year weekends. I was always the kid who cried when her parents wouldn't let her buy every-single-one of her picks for the Scholastic book club, and loved the library as much if not more than the amusement park. That child transformed into the young adult who spent countless hours and dollars at Barnes and Noble every Saturday. Who became a recluse whenever the latest Alex Cross novel was released, and stayed awake for hours on a work night to finish each tome in the Harry Potter series.

For me, books have always been an escape. They take me away from the business of daily life and allow me to become completely absorbed in another world. Even when reading books of the self help or business variety, I feel at ease, a comfort in flipping the pages and becoming fully engrossed in the content.

Reading for pleasure is a joy that I've forgone in the past few years. Spare moments on an airplane or scream-free-zones at home were better spent stealing a few moments of precious and woefully needed sleep than diving into the details of a juicy novel. I didn't realize just how much I missed books until today. Not to mention the fact that my time spent absorbed in the literary journey of another not only inspired me, but cured my funky attitude to boot.

I think I'll hit the Barnes & Noble tomorrow afternoon. I miss it...
Jason Michael Brooks said...

nerd! lol. happy new years love you!

tfab said...

You are a big ole' nerd just like me. Harry Potter rules, baby!!!!

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