Putting Myself on the "To Do" List

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Today is Monday. I have a very full schedule. Back-to-back meetings, prep for a very busy week on both the personal and professional front. I've been fighting a cold for the past few days, but felt like I had things under control. I couldn't possibly miss a Monday in the office - especially THIS Monday. Not an option.

Then I woke up with a fever and the chills.

Fortunately, I had just enough common sense to make a run into the local urgent care center on Sunday when I felt the battle was going in the wrong direction (as soon as any cold travels south from my nose to my chest, it's bad news for The BadAssMama). I got some antibiotics (the doctor said bronchitis...something...ear infection...something else) and went back to bed. My hope was that she had somehow prescribed the Wonder Woman of all antibiotics and all would be well come Monday morning.

Not so much.

So, I am at home. Feverish, nauseous, with the chills. The good news is that most of my meetings could be handled by conference call in my PJs. The bad news is my day tomorrow is just as bad - if not worse - than today.

At least I had enough sense to quarantine myself to the bedroom, and spray Lysol in my wake whenever I venture out to the kitchen or bathroom.

Hopefully things will look better in the morning...

Robbie K said...

Hope you feel better sooon! I can count on getting a cold every late Oct/early November that turns into bronchitis/ upper respiratory infection etc and hangs on thru several rounds of antibiotics.

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