What Mom REALLY Means


What Mom Said

What She REALLY Means

Honey, can you please help me with the laundry?

Do this laundry or so help me God I will shank you…

I’m going to bed early tonight

Right after I finish the laundry YOU didn’t get to, check homework, pack lunches, set up clothes for tomorrow and do 2 more hours of work

Mommy needs a minute, baby

Will I EVER get to pee in peace?

Don’t kick your brother in the pee pee

Don’t kick your brother in the pee pee

I’ll be right there

I’m going to hide in the bathroom with a magazine and hope you forget that you called me…

Sleep tight, boys
5am is NOT the new black. Please stay in bed until 6:30…7:00 if it’s the weekend

What’s going on up there?
Where is your father?

Don’t make me come up there!
Is there ANY wine left in this house??

You are not the boss, mister
I hope you don’t realize that you are the boss…

Mommy loves you
You are the most amazing thing that’s ever happened in my life. I can’t believe that you are mine

adry0623 said...

this is so true. i just finished telling my husband if he " could hep me with the clothes" lol

Bailey said...

OMG! I just asked my husband if he could "help me make the bed." Three hours ago. Didn't happen.

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